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Sterile Container

Hard Top Box® - Sterile container

Brochure: Sterile container - new version

Sterile container for sterilizing surgical instruments. Hard Top Box® is produced in Germany by the company Innovations Medical. The sterile container has been on the market for more than 30 years. Several improvements have been made along the way based on experience from user feedback. Among other things, you can choose between two different lids - either a lid with reusable filter (metal Pasteur loop) or a lid for disposable paper filters.

Research is constantly carried out in the direction of improving the sterile container in relation to ease of use, capacity savings, the environment as well as new inventions and possibilities.

Safety, personnel and environmental considerations are top notch

The Hard Top Box® sterile container for surgical instruments is intuitive and easy to use. This provides safe use and easy handling, which also protects the staff's fingers and wrists. This is because handles and locking mechanisms have been designed specifically with regard to the fact that the user has to handle many sterile containers every day.

Short drying process - kind to the environment - save time, capacity and money

All materials are metal, which shortens the drying process and allows for 100% recycling for the benefit of the environment. The containers have up to 45 minutes shorter drying process compared to sterile containers with plastic lids.